Disclaimer: Aeka, Ryoko, and all other Tenchi Muyo Characters are property of AIC and Pioneer, LDC, INC. This is a work of satire so PLEASE donít sue me!

This is a "What if" fic asking what if the unthinkable happened and either Ryoko or Aeka got their wish and eradicated the other? Then the victor takes Tenchi as her prize. It may not be as simple as that. This is my first attempt at a dark fic. Take a look.

Tenchi Muyo!


By Arca Jeth

Part 1: The Victorís Prize

It was so easy; killing her I mean. An energy sword between the shoulder blades and it was all over. Iíll never have to sit and listen to that condescending voice again. That annoying, high-pitched voice that hurt my ears. She didnít even see it coming and thatís the disappointing part. I wanted her to see her defeat, to see who dealt the final blow.

That wouldíve been so sweet. To see the expression on her face as I cut her down. But from behind is so much easier.

Iím holding her now as she sags to the ground. Itís a parody of an embrace, yes thatís it. An embrace of death. Just like the dream I had. The plan went flawlessly. I lured her out to the far side of the lake out of sight of the others. I accused her of trying to seduce him again. She of course denied it. I listened to her go on and on about how royally pure and innocent she was, and how Iím just a whore. I listened happily, knowing that it would be for the last time. When I had had, enough

I made a carefully chosen remark about why she really wore so many layers of clothing. It was not so strong that she would attack, but just insulting enough that she turned her back on me, presenting the perfect opportunity.

I rushed ahead and wrapped an arm around her neck. Before she could cry out or call up a shield, I plunged my sword through her back. The blade, satisfyingly exited through her breast. She may not have seen my face, but when she saw the red glare of my blade, she knew, Iím sure of it.

Sheís laying down now, and itís so beautiful! Iíve won and I will claim my prize. She canít hurt me anymore. I will never hear her hateful voice, flaunting her virginity.

As if keeping that made her better than me. Well thatís one more thing she will never have.

Theyíre coming now. Coming to congratulate me for destroying her. They will hoist me on their shoulders and thank me for freeing them from her tyranny. She always bossed the whole household around, telling them what to do how to do and when to do it. But now she never will again. Now they can look to me for guidance. They will ask me my opinion. Now, they will love me.

Now He will love me.

The others arrive now. They stand speechless at my victory. As their eyes fill with the result of my triumph they are filled with glee. The beauty of her death fills my soul and I laugh. Little Sasami approaches the witchís body and kneels beside it. She shakes

it repeatedly to make sure that it is dead. Sheís looking up at me now, her eyes brimmed with tears of gratitude.

"Why?" She asks me.

"You can be free now Sasami," I tell her. "Now you can have fun and play with me all you want with out her interfering. No more of those silly rules and traditions to follow.

Doesnít that make you happy?"

She just shakes her head and turns away. The others rush forward to see. Then He, my Prize, kneels down and takes her into his arms. I can see him literally shaking with joy.

His laughter is quaking his entire body. The detectives approach me with their weapons drawn; ready to finish her off.

But wait. Theyíre pointing at me. Why?

"I just rid you of your problem Kiyone. Now she wonít make trouble for you anymore."

Kiyone just stares at me with her hard eyes.

"I never believed youíd actually do it," she says. "There was always a line you didnít

cross. A place you didnít go. Did you really think you could get away with it?"

"But Kiyone," I argue. "I helped you. Now you donít have to stay on Earth to look after her anymore."

"Just shut up!" The venom in her voice shocks me. She must still be in shock from seeing such a hated foe now dead. "Youíre coming with us."

Mihoshi comes up to her side and places her hand on Kiyoneís gun arm.

"Kiyone, donít" she says quietly. "We canít beat her on our own."

Mihoshi turns toward me and looks on me with those luminous blue eyes of hers.

"Not you Ryoko, I never thought it would be you."

"Whatís wrong with you?" I ask, astounded. "How can you feel bad about her being dead?

All she ever did was make fun of you."

"She was my friend!"

"She was nobodyís friend!"

The others are looking at me now. My Love is asking Washu if there is anything she can do. Washu just shakes hr head in defeat. What is with these people? Why canít they be happy? I just rid them of that horrible bitch and theyíre crying. CRYING!

I decide to help them see what a joyous occasion this is. I laugh long and loud.

Yet they still cry. Sasami is now in Mihoshiís arms as they both share their grief. Kiyone has now joined Washu and My Prize as they kneel over the bitchís prone form.

Even Washu has a tear in her eye. I canít believe this!

What could she have possibly offered them that they would cry over her dead rotting corpse?

"She was their friend."

I whirl around at the quiet, yet familiar voice, and stagger back at the sight of its owner.Itís me.But how can this be? I didnít make a double of myself. It must be some kind of trick.

"Itís no trick," my double says. "I am you. At least a small part."

"Which part might you be?"

"The part that loves her."

"Youíre a liar!" I scream igniting my sword.

"I cannot lie, not about this," she says not even flinching. "But you already knew that."

"Thereís no part of me that could possibly love her!" I say. "Donít you know what she did to me?"

"Yes, and I have forgiven her," she says with that maddeningly calm voice.

The one that makes me want to smash her face in.

"You loved her," she continued. "And you will miss her. When you killed her you killed part of yourself; the part that loves."

"I love Tenchi, and I HATE HER!"

"You canít love him, not anymore," My double staggers and for the first time I notice a gaping wound in her breast. "You killed me, you see. I was your love. Your compassion. And when you killed her, you...killed...me..."

She slumps forward into my arms but before I can hold her she dissipated into a splash of red liquid. I look down, realizing that it is blood. But it isnít mine. Itís hers.

The Bitch.

Itís all over my hands, staining my jumpsuit. Staining the ground. A loud crackling sound draws my attention. in the middle of the lake, the tree Ryu-Oh is loosing its leaves as it writhes and blackens in its death throes. Iím laughing again, but the sound is empty and brittle in my ears.

"You loved her," the disembodied voice of my other-self insists.

"I hated her. She is nothing to me now!"

"Then why are you crying?"

"Iím not...." I raise a trembling hand to my face and feel the moisture there.

"So Iím crying, it doesnít mean anything!"

But I am alone. Where is everyone?

The lake! Itís red. Red with her blood. So much blood it fills my vision. It comes up to my knees. My hips. My chest. Itís rising, mixing with my tears. Iím going to drown but I donít care. I donít struggle or fight the current. This is far better than to have to live with the pain of her loss.

Yes. I loved her.



Thatís it for part 1. For my first dark fic I hoped to reveal all of the angst Ryokoís character harbors. But donít judge her too harshly. Part 2 is coming soon and it will feature Aeka. Thanks for reading.