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Tenchi Muyo!


Chapter 2 v2.0

By Arca Jeth


As the angular shape of the cabbit/starship, Ryo-Ohki navigated the eternity of hyperspace, the once space pirate, Ryoko listened raptly as the run away socialite, Aeka told her tale. The violet-hared girl wrung her hands in her

lap as she told her audience of accompanying her father on a business trip to an agricultural world. There, she met the head of the farmers' co-op...and his son.

Convinced that his skill as a negotiator would triumph over those "simple farm folks" Aeka's father suggested that she explore the farm for educational purposes. To see how the "other half" lived. Taking a cue from this the farmer asked his son to accompany her. With the children out of the way, the two men could get to the serious business of negotiating a shipping contract.

Aeka walked with the boy into the bright spring morning. The valley was resplendent with blossoming trees and shrubs. In addition, everywhere she looked cherry blossoms drifted to the ground like snowflakes.

The dark-hared boy took Aeka out to a high bluff where she could see the entire valley. With the sun just peaking over the horizon, Aeka could see the light reflecting off the recently planted fields. Tender, young shoots shyly poked out of the ground in neat rows, while in the west, fruit orchards sparkled with the dew gathered on their blossoms. Tears formed in the young girl's eyes as she realized that, even her mansion with its manicured gardens and plush lawns Could not compare to the natural beauty this valley held. Concerned, the young man gently took her hand.

"Is there something wrong, Miss Aeka?" He asked, his large brown eyes mirroring his worry.

"No, nothing is wrong," Aeka said wiping her eyes. "Could you show me more of this place?"

"Uh...sure," the boy said, suddenly nervous. "Come this way."

The rest of the day he showed her the grounds stopping to point out the more interesting aspects of farm life. He even took the time to answer every one of her naive questions. By the end of the day, Aeka knew more about farm life

than she thought possible.

By the end of the day, Aeka was irrevocably in love...


Back aboard the Ryo-Ohki


Ryoko leaned back in her floating chair while looking pointedly at her passenger.

"I don't get it," she said. "If you were so in love, how did it turn out so bad?"

""It is...very complicated," Aeka said, clearly uncomfortable.

"So make it simple," Ryoko intoned. "Was this guy a 'bow-wow' or something?"

"Of course not! He was...beautiful." The socialite paused, and a far away look came to her eyes. "He was tall, but not overly so. He had a kind face with this tousled black hair, which he kept in a short ponytail. And his eyes...they

were so brown and large, you could become lost in them if you stared long enough.

"We had a whirlwind courtship. When I returned to my planet, we began exchanging letters and gifts. While mine were always expensive novelties, his were simple yet, so romantic they nearly broke my heart. I remember once he sent me a blossom from a Cha'nii tree. It only flowers once every decade and only just before dawn and then it withers. That is what he said I was. A beautiful blossom, that he would have missed if he had blinked even once. He believed our meeting was fate. I wish that were true." Aeka stopped a moment and looked up at Ryoko.

"The week before our official engagement announcement, my aunt and mother came to me. Since they had yet to say anything about our courtship I thought they had approved. My mother and aunt told me that I had an obligation to our

family. That it was my place to further our status in the galaxy's upper class and my 'girlish infatuation with this hay seed' was at an end. They extolled upon me the stories of how my great grandfather led our House from obscurity

to prominence. They told me that I would be destroying all for which they had worked; all of the contacts, friendships and alliances they've made over the years."

"And you believed all this rubbish?" Ryoko asked in astonishment.

"I had no choice," Aeka said quietly. "It was the way I was raised. But that is not the worst of it. My mother and my aunt finally told me that I was better than him. They said that I should wait for someone with the breeding and culture, and family name worthy of one such as I.

"To my shame, I took their advice to heart. I sent a sub-space transmission asking my love never to contact me again. Of course, he tried anyway, but he only heard silence from me. He sent messages every day. Then once or twice a

week. Then, once a month. Finally, they stopped...altogether."

Aeka's monologue, rather than end simply died. Aeka felt the tears threatening to spill from her eyes, but she held them back by sheer force of will. Ryoko remained silent while she stared out at the rainbow colors of hyperspace. Suddenly the pretty young-lady she'd met back on the space station turned out to have been a cold and callous person.

But that was in the past.

"Do you hate me Ryoko?"

Aeka's voice was small and unsure. Yet, Ryoko heard something else in it. A deep sadness, weariness, and...hope? She looked at the violet-hared girl and saw her sitting on the edge of her seat, as if her entire existence hinged upon her opinion.

"No," Ryoko answered her. "I don't hate you. That was a long time ago, and you're a different person now. Just like me."

"Th-thank you," Aeka said almost literally deflating with relief.

"So why does what I think matter so much? I'm just a cargo pilot."

"It...just does," Aeka said hesitantly averting her gaze.

Interesting; was that a blush?

"Well, I'm feeling kinda grungy," Ryoko said aloud. "Think I'll take a shower."

As she began removing her clothes Aeka gasped and covered her eyes.

"What's with you?"

"I...um...ah," Aeka couldn't seem to get the words out. "Could you please undress elsewhere?"

Ryoko stood in bewilderment, still half-dressed. "Why?" She asked.

"Please forgive me but this makes me very...uncomfortable," Aeka managed to get out with her eyes still averted.

Normally Ryoko would have continued undressing just to see what the other would do but seeing that the girl was almost trembling, she decided to be discrete.

"Ryo-Ohki," she commanded. "Screen."

Immediately, a dressing screen grew out of the deck and Ryoko went behind it and continued to undress. She emerged wearing a short, red bathrobe which sported a stylized dragon on the left breast and an ocean-wave pattern on the


"Want to join me?" She asked off-hand.

"Excuse me?!" Aeka started nervously.

"It'll save time if we go in together."

"I'd rather not," Aeka said all too quickly."

"Suit yourself," Ryoko said and moved off to the cylindrical glass enclosure that appeared in the back of the chamber. As she slipped out of her robe and entered, Aeka was relieved to see that the glass was opaque so Ryoko's features

were diffused.

However, she could still see the attractive silhouette of the pilot's voluptuous body as she bathed.


Aeka smiled as a Ryo-Ohki control crystal popped up with a holo-chess game, ready to play.

"Thank you so much," Aeka said making her first move. "I'll have to keep busy or this could by a very long flight."

[The Exochron System] Around the same time]


"Loading's almost done Boss," Brazz, the wizened looking hephnerfer wheezed as he lifted a 300-kilo crate over his head. "We'll be ready for take-off in a half an hour. Boss? Hey Boss!"

The "Boss" to which he was referring stood looking at a datapad which displayed a bounty report along with the pictures of two very familiar ladies. The set of his broad shoulders mirrored his dark mood as he brushed a

stray dreadlock out of his eyes. Shifting his burden to one gnarled hand, Brazz touched his boss's shoulder.

"What is it?...Jeez Brazz!" Quin exclaimed jumping back. "I thought I told you never to do that! Get one of the guys to help you. It makes me feel like I'm abusing my great-grandfather."

Brazz let out a strangled sound, the hephnerfer version of a chuckle. His species, known for their spindly limbs and sagging, wrinkled skin were actually twice as strong as some sentients. Nevertheless, to soothe his captain's sensibilities, Brazz called over two husky gammoreans to take his burden.

"What's the problem Boss?" he asked. "I know I couldn't sneak up on you with my creaking joints."

"It's nothing," Quin said quickly. "Just a matter I'm looking into."

"That must be some matter," Brazz said peeking at the datapad. "Hmm, two girls this time. Boss, you're getting a little old for that kind of lifestyle."

"You've got it all wrong Brazz, as usual," Quin said trying to sound relaxed. "They're just...friends of mine."

"And one of your 'friends' just happens to be Ryoko, and on a Wanted poster to boot."

"You're not going to make this easy for me are you?"

"Make what easy, pray-tell?"

"Confiding in you."

"Here's a news flash Boss, I only look like your wise, old, great-grandfather!" Brazz chuckled again. "So give. What's the story?"

Quin told him what he knew so far. While the hephnerfer let this sink in the loading crews finished with the cargo and the hatches were sealed.

"Was this a general bounty announcement?" He finally asked.


"Any takers?"

"Not many. Ryoko's a tough target, and there's only one bounty hunter that worries me." Quin changed the display to show a short list of bounty hunters on the job. The top-most name on the list was accompanied with a picture of a

woman whose face was almost completely hidden under a dark cowl. All that could be seen were her cold, empty, red eyes.

"I see," Brazz said trying but not quite successful at keeping the tremor out of his voice.

"There's something else," Quin said turning back to the poster. "The bounty on Miss Jurai is for a live and unharmed capture. But for Ryoko..."

"There is nothing," Brazz somberly completed.

[Tallia Prime System]


The Angst II hung silent in space. While its weapons systems were off, they could be brought back on-line with a flick of a single switch. The ship only a hundred meters in front of it had a similar status. Both captains knew that going in with no weapons was more a sign of respect than of any practical use. If anyone made a move that appeared the least bit hostile, the results would be brief and spectacular.

"Mistress asks, what do you want Nagi?" Griff asked with no preamble.

"I want an alliance," the bounty hunter answered mirroring Griff's abrupt tone.

The Par'Tah leaned forward and whispered something into her subordinate's ear.

"But, Mistress..." Griff argued. "I can't-"

Par'Tah cut him off with another whisper and this time punctuated it with a snap of her needle-like teeth. Gulping, Griff spoke aloud:

"Mistress says that she does not deal with scum!" Griff immediately ducked beneath the console as if expecting Nagi to reach out and strangle him through the comm-link.

Much to his surprise (and to everyone else's relief) Nagi only laughed.

"I have a proposition for you," Nagi said. "One which will be mutually beneficial, and financially stimulating."

Par'Tah whispered into Griff's ear once more.

"Mistress says, she is listening."

"A new bounty's come up on the board, I'm sure you're aware of it," Nagi began. "One Miss Aeka Jurai seems to have skipped out on her own wedding, and her hubby-to-be is desperate to get her back."

"Mistress says, we don't do live captures," Griff said after conferring with his employer. "They are too expensive. Especially if Ryoko is involved."

"But infinitely more profitable," Nagi countered. "That's where I come in. Ryoko likes face to face combat. All we have to do is deny her that. If we attack from two to three sides, instead of one, she won't be able to maneuver. And when Ryoko has no where to go she panics and makes mistakes; fatal mistakes."

Par'Tah seemed to consider this, then spoke to Griff once more.

"Mistress says; we have a large crew. Just how would the reward money be split?"

"I don't want the money," Nagi said firmly. "I just want Ryoko, and to have a private chat with that little bitch of hers for a few minutes."

Par'Tah was taken aback, her snake-like head appendages writhed in a Ho'Din gesture of apprehension. The audio was cut and she and her crew had a short, but heated discussion. After coming to some sort of consensus, the audio came

back on.

"Mistress says, the girl must not be harmed," Griff said.

"I promise you," Nagi said licking her lips. "She won't have a mark on her."

The Ho'Din nodded, but instead of whispering to her interpreter, she spoke directly into the audio pick-up.

"You have a deal," she said in a strangely musical voice. "What is your plan?"

Nagi offered her most charming smile. But with the cowl's shadow covering her visage, it appeared more like the leer of a death's head.

[Three light years from the Parsimon Nebula]

As Ryoko was finishing her longer-than-necessary shower, she was still trying to figure out the enigmatic girl who sat playing a holo-game. Like a jewel there were many faucets to Aeka's personality, some of which were not quite perfect. No matter her faults, and against her better judgement, Ryoko felt strangely drawn to the girl.

If only I could figure her out. We could have so much fun...

Ryoko put the thought out of her mind. She didn't need to complicate her life any more than it already was. Like her motto said, keep it simple. Ryoko stepped out of the shower and began to towel off.

Much to the general discomfort of Aeka Jurai. While, early in the game, she had turned her chair away from the shower, the image of Ryoko drying off was reflected in one of the nearby control crystals. Aeka tried to convince herself that she was not spying, but found her interest in the game waning. She tried to look away as the reflected woman slowly rubbed away the accumulated moisture with a jet-black towel. She attempted to avert her gaze from the sight of Ryoko's oh-so-long dancer's legs. She failed to close her eyes as the pilot dried her high, rounded breasts. Aeka gasped as she finally stared wide-eyed at the cleft between Ryoko's legs. She marveled that Ryoko's cyan hair color was indeed natural.

As Ryoko finished drying, an obsidian bench appeared holding her customary red bathrobe. Ryoko sat down after donning the robe and began the task of brushing out her unruly hair. Aeka began to breathe again seeing that Ryoko

was at least marginally clothed. That is until the pilot's reflection looked up and winked at her.

"Did you like what you saw?" Ryoko asked.

"I-I don't know what you are talking about," Aeka dodged.

"Oh come on! You were ogling me for five straight minutes."

"I was not," Aeka protested. "I was playing a game with Ryo-Ohki!"

"Uh Aeka," Ryoko said pointing at the screen. "Ryo-Ohki won. That game's been over for a while now."


Aeka looked at the game screen--instead of the reflection--and saw the "game over" sign flashing.

"Why didn't you warn me?" She asked the Ryo-Ohki crystal.

"Miya, miyaa." Ryo-Ohki said sounding less ashamed than amused.

Ryoko laughed lightly.

"Well, well, well. Who would have pegged you as a hentai?" Ryoko prodded, deciding to tease Aeka just a bit.

"I am NOT a hentai!" Aeka punctuated the statement with an impudent stamp of her foot.

Instead of answering, Ryoko got up and approached the indignant girl. She reached out and slowly ran her fingers through her silky purple hair.

"You know, you're pretty cute when you're mad," Ryoko whispered into her ear. Aeka flushed red and quickly pushed her away.

"Wh-what are you saying? I'm not...like that."

"Like what?" Ryoko said, turning to check one of the displays.

Before Aeka could begin to parse an answer that question Ryoko cut her off.

"Well, looks like we'll be changing course," she said abruptly. "Ryo-Ohki get ready to come out of hyperspace."

"What is going on?" Aeka asked, caught off-guard by the sudden change in subject. "I thought we were going directly to Gallinore."

"We are," Ryoko said as the starlines in the viewport shrank to normal stars. "I just thought I'd cut a week or two off the trip."

"How so?"

"We're crossing the Ulion Expanse via the Gravis Corridor."

"The Ulion Expanse," Aeka mused. "Ah, yes. That is the area of empty space where the Gravis Corridor wormhole resides. Are you certified to fly it?"

"'Certified' is such a relative term," Ryoko said. "I've flown it before and I can fly it again."

"But what if we end up with our atoms smashed?" Aeka asked, her alarm growing by the minute. "This is too big a risk! I will not allow you..."

"Will not allow?" Ryoko echoed. "Who died and made you queen?"

"Us if you're not more careful!"

Ryoko paused a moment, surprised at Aeka's vehemence. She seemed so timid when they'd first met.

"Hmm...You're just full of surprises aren't you?" Ryoko said in an amused voice.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing at all," Ryoko brushed the question aside. "Listen, I flew the expanse a few times when I was a pirate. But when I decided to go straight, the Spacing Safety Board refused my certification application."

Aeka didn't look convinced but she remained silent. Her mind was much too preoccupied with the emotions swirling within to argue further. Just why WAS she ogling Ryoko that way?

Ryoko, meanwhile, was dealing with her own inner battle. This was a dangerous move for her; and she wasn't thinking about the Expanse either. She had another reason for the short detour.

This could either open her up, or close her off to me forever

The ship lurched with a sudden loss of momentum.

"Ryoko, what is..." Aeka's protest cut off when she saw the display surrounding the ship.

Rainbow clouds of translucent light surrounded Ryo-Ohki. The clouds moved continuously in an indiscernible pattern, shifting color from green, to auburn, to violet, and blue.

"Welcome to the Parsimon Nebula," Ryoko said quietly. "What do you think?"

"It's...gorgeous," Aeka said, though she thought her choice of words was far too simple for the spectacle surrounding her. When she did not say anything else Ryoko came to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder. She was surprised to find it trembling.

"I come here sometimes when I need some peace," Ryoko said. "I know this isn't that valley you saw but..."

"Thank you," Aeka said with a voice choked with tears. "Thank you for sharing this with me, Ryoko. Everything about my life has been so ugly lately. You don't know what it means to have something so...so lovely..."

A stray tear rolled down her cheek and threatened to open the floodgates of emotion she had thought so tightly shut. Just as she was about to lose control, Aeka felt Ryoko's strong arms encircle her. She hesitated only for a moment, then submitted to the comfort.

"It's all right," Ryoko said as she gently brushed Aeka's hair with her fingers, marveling at its silkiness. While silently berating herself for enjoying this, Ryoko also reveled in the pleasure of having Aeka pressed against her.

After a few minutes, Aeka looked up, into the pilot's golden eyes.

"It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul," she said after a moment.

Before Ryoko could answer this, Aeka turned around in her arms, to once again face the viewport. She did not, however break free of the embrace.

"With mine eyes I commit the beauty of this place to my soul."

"What's the rest of your body doing?" Ryoko asked as her hand began caressing Aeka's face.

"Please stop," Aeka whispered.

"Why?" Ryoko asked, not stopping.

"I...we can't...do this."

"We? We haven't done anything yet," Ryoko said gently blowing in her ear.

Aeka's breath caught in her throat as Ryoko planted small kisses along her neck.

"I have never," Aeka began between shivers. "I've never done this before."

"Oh come on," Ryoko laughed lightly. "You went to Celeste Academy, didn't you? You went to an all-girls school and didn't get a little curious?"

Aeka blushed red.

"I admit to experimenting," Aeka said hesitantly. "But we only kissed. I never went all the way."

"There's a first time for everything," Ryoko said into her ear. "Admit it. You were attracted to me, weren't you?"

"I..." Aeka's voice failed her as Ryoko began running her tongue along her neck.

"Mmmmm." The moan escaped her mouth before she could contain it. Ryoko took this as an invitation and moved her left hand to the buttons on Aeka's cream-colored jacket.

"Because when I first saw you," Ryoko continued. "I couldn't keep my eyes off you."

Aeka's hand met hers in a half-hearted attempt to stop her. One-by-one the buttons came loose, exposing the silk blouse beneath. Aeka allowed Ryoko to slip off the jacket, revealing the sleeveless top. And another surprise.

"You're not wearing a bra," Ryoko observed upon seeing Aeka's hardened nipples poking through the thin material. She also noticed the girl shudder as the fabric gently brushed against the area.

"It wouldn't go with the blouse," Aeka covered, weakly. "It would have shown."

"You're showing me a lot more," Ryoko said as she brought up a hand and began caressing Aeka's soft breast.



When Ryoko planted kisses along Aeka's neck, her body rippled with shivers. She faintly wondered why she was allowing this to happen. It had been such along time since anyone had touched her this way. She had always been in

control before, but now her own body was rebelling against her. As Aeka breathed in the heady aroma of Ryoko's freshly washed hair, her own body began giving off pheromones to attract the pilot. While Ryoko kissed her slender

neck, Aeka's skin tingled, crying out for sensation. Ryoko's kisses trailed up Aeka's neck and around to her cheek.

Ryoko could feel the tension in Aeka's shoulders lessen, and her protests became few and far-between. Ryoko slowly slid her hands beneath the blouse and let them explore Aeka's flat stomach. Next, she reached the young woman's

breasts, grasping them and gently pulling the nipples.

"H-h-harder," Aeka managed to gasp out.

Ryoko immediately obliged, amazed at how quickly she was responding to her. She could feel Aeka's hands exploring the fabric of her robe; hesitantly at first, then with more fervor. Aeka untied the knotted sash and felt the smoothness of Ryoko's stomach beneath. She almost quested lower but suddenly paused.

"What's wrong?" Ryoko questioned.

"I...don't think I can do this," Aeka whispered.

"We've come too far to stop."

Ryoko turned the socialite until they were face-to-face. She then parted the robe, exposing her exquisite, round breasts.

"Go ahead," Ryoko said taking Aeka's hands and guiding them to her bosom. "You can touch me."

Aeka hesitated for the briefest moment, then proceeded to fill both hands with Ryoko's warm softness. Ryoko gasped sharply as Aeka, in her enthusiasm, squeezed too hard.

"I'm so sorry!" Aeka exclaimed, snatching her hands away.

"It's all right," Ryoko reassured her, guiding her hands back. "Try it again, gently this time."

Ryoko demonstrated by moving Aeka's hands along her breasts in a circular, massaging motion. Getting the idea, the ruby-eyed girl continued the motion on her own.

"Mmm, that's the way," Ryoko purred. "Now let's see if you can handle this."

Ryoko took one of Aeka's hands into her own and began sliding it down her stomach toward her abdomen. The ruby-eyed girl, however resisted.

"Still shy huh?" Ryoko said, more amused than irritated. She stepped away and looked at Aeka appraisingly for a moment. "Raise your arms," she finally said.

When Aeka complied obediently, Ryoko gently lifted the blouse over her head. Ryoko then stood still a moment as she took in the sight of Aeka's bare breast.

"What is it?" Aeka asked, blushing under the scrutiny.

"You're just so...so..." For once in her life, Ryoko was at a loss for words. When she had first seen Aeka, something inside her cried out to be touched.

Instead of completing the statement, Ryoko took Aeka's slim form into her arms, and drew her into a deep kiss. As their lips met, Ryoko felt the attraction, the pure passion of the moment threaten to consume her. She could smell the sweet aroma of Aeka's scent, and could feel the gentle explorations of her petite hands. Several moments passed as they remained locked in an embrace of pure passion. Finally, Aeka broke away, gasping for breath.

"Take me," she said, her eyes burning with pure desire.

Ryoko began to speak but Aeka hushed her with a finger over her lips.

"Say nothing, please. Just take me now."

Nonplussed, Ryoko guided the violet-hared woman to the far side of the deck, all the while kissing her continuously. From a non-verbal cue, a large, circular bed rose from the deck. Ryoko laid Aeka down upon the black satin sheets and promptly removed her shoes. As she sought to remove her stockings, Aeka grasped her hands an guided them up her legs, raising her skirt hem as she went. Ryoko smiled to herself as she revealed a white, lace garter belt attached to the stockings. With slow, deliberate movements, Ryoko detached one, and then the other clasp, which held the stockings in place.

With deliberately slow movements, Ryoko slid the silk stockings from Aeka's alabaster legs. Returning to her waist, Ryoko gazed upon the silken panties, which were already moist with the proof of Aeka's passion. Ryoko trailed a

finger along the smooth fabric eliciting a sigh from the lavender-hared woman every time she brushed a sensitive area.

Ryoko carefully spread Aeka's suddenly pliant legs and began gently stroking her hidden vagina. Aeka, moaning in time with each stroke, touched Ryoko only once to increase the pressure of her hand and move it a bit to the right. As

she pleased her lower half, Ryoko raised up to alternately kiss Aeka's lips, neck, and breasts; savoring the sweet taste of her soft skin.

Aeka, reeling from the sensations, thrust her hips in pleasure and grabbed a handful of Ryoko's hair. Not to be outdone, Aeka started kissing along the graceful curve of Ryoko's neck, causing her to purr intermittently. Aeka franticly mimicked Ryoko's earlier actions, pausing, however, to linger on her breasts. Ryoko, meanwhile was still sliding her hand between Aeka's legs. She could feel the girl's panties become more damp with each passing moment.

Taking a moment to look into Aeka's ruby eyes, Ryoko saw the energy burning in her gaze. Aeka inclined her head slightly, granting her permission to continue. Ryoko carefully made her way down to Aeka's waist, while trailing her

fingers along her belly.

"That tickles," Aeka said with a giggle, which quickly turned into a moan as Ryoko let her tongue lead the way. "Oh! So good!"

Ryoko grasped the silken undergarment, gently removed it, and gasped at the sight of the clean-shaven area of Aeka's sex.

"I didn't think you'd shave down there," Ryoko commented.

"Please d-don't look at it," Aeka said, blushing.

"Why not? I think it's cute," Ryoko said, all the while advancing toward her denuded sex.

Ryoko leaned over and kissed each of Aeka's inner thighs, letting her long tongue linger here and there, strengthening the sensation.

"Tell me Aeka, have you ever been kissed like this?"

"I have never-aahh!"

Aeka's answer was cut short when Ryoko turned her head to the side and touched her own lips to those of Aeka's labia. As she had previously, Ryoko deepened the kiss, using her tongue to part and then enter the nether lips.

Ryoko intensified her pleasure, licking and sucking the lavender-hared girl's sex, bathing it with her mouth and tongue. Aeka's hips bucked and her breath shortened as the cyan-hared pilot continued. Sensing her condition, Ryoko slid a sinuous finger into Aeka's vagina. With slow determination, she began moving the finger in and out, in steady rhythm.

"Oh, m-more!' Aeka cried, her well-manicured fingernails shredding the satin sheets.

Ryoko looked up at her shortly and winked cryptically. Then she descended once more, this time she stopped at the domain of Aeka's clitoris. Ryoko tentatively, tasted her pleasure center, then covered the entire area with her mouth. Aeka whipped her head with violent pleasure, so much so, that her ponytails came free of their bindings. As she sampled the dew of passion, Ryoko felt Aeka's thigh muscles contract and relax sporadically.

It's almost time-wha..?

Ryoko paused mid-thought as she found herself inverted with Aeka kneeling

with her crotch poised over her face.

"So that's the way you like it?" Ryoko observed with more than a little amusement.

"I couldn't very well let you do all of the work," Aeka answered with a devilish smile. "This position is correct ne?"

"I thought you were a virgin!" Ryoko exclaimed.

"I never said that," Aeka replayed smartly. "I only said I'd never been with a woman."

Without preamble, Aeka rocked her hips back and forth over Ryoko's face. Giggling, Ryoko took to the task with gusto; grasping Aeka's firm rear in both hands and plunging face-first, into her snatch. The pilot trained her lips,

tongue, teeth, and fingers, to giving the socialite the most intense orgasm of her life. Aeka's entire body heaved in the throes of passion, her curiously strong, thighs contracted, almost cutting off Ryoko's air.

While sipping from the cup of her partner's arousal, Ryoko slid a hand between her own legs...and was shocked to find that she'd orgasmed herself. Ryoko gently pushed Aeka off of her. Aeka, still panting from her exertion looked at her curiously.

"I guess it is your turn now."

"This has never happened before," Ryoko said in awe.

"What is it?" Aeka asked with concern.

In answer, Ryoko took her hand and placed it upon her dripping core.

"It's always taken more than just that," Ryoko began. "But just being with you has..."

"What does this mean?"

Remaining silent once more Ryoko kissed her roughly, letting her hands explore the expanse of her silky hair. Pulling apart, after a while, Ryoko and Aeka embraced, looking out at the swirling gasses of the nebula. As the ever-shifting splendor of the heavenly body cast patterns of light and color across the interior of the ship, both girls sat, content with each other's company. Neither spoke of what had passed between them. They knew instinctively that to do so would cheapen it.

"So," Ryoko said, breaking the silence. "You wanna take me up on that shower?"

"I'd be delighted," Aeka said slipping out of the bed and smiling coquettishly. "But if I wash your back, you must wash mine."

"Just try and stop me," Ryoko said, coming after her. ^_^

[The Patriarch Star Cluster [Bridge of the freighter "Fool's Quest"]


The word hung in the air like a party balloon left by some forgetful child. Of the four rogues occupying the bridge at the moment, only the Ho'Din Par'Tah ventured to take that balloon.

"Are you certain?" she asked in her melodious voice.

"Of-of course Mistress," the bottom feeding second-in-command, Griff said cautiously. "My contact was sure he heard the Aeka woman mention Gallinore."

"Elan," Par'Tah turned to the squat, brown-scaled quadruped to her right. "Do you agree?"

"Yesss Misstresss," Elan answered pausing to lick her yellow, unlidded eyes. "Gallinore hasss long been known asss a hideaway for rich bratsss who wish not to be found."

"It seems to be true," the smuggler leader mused. "But it could also be a misdirection."

"Ryoko isn't terribly clever," the fourth occupant spoke up. All eyes in the bridge turned toward the brooding presence of the bounty hunter, Nagi. "Besides that she's got an annoying habit of being honest. Gallinore IS where she'll turn up."

"There's only one fast route there and back," Griff said. "The Gravis Corridor."

"And the closest entrance to the Corridor issss at Exochron," Elan added.

"They'll have to stop for fuel and provisions before going on," Nagi said with a feral grin. "Perhaps we can intercept them there."

"Yes..." Par'Tah agreed. "We can save time and money with this course. Set a course for Exochron, Griff."

"Yes Mistress," Griff said scrambling to obey.

As Elan and Griff hurried to the nav station to plot a course, Par'Tah rose to her full seven foot height, and turned to Nagi.

"We should best begin laying our plans," Nagi said, undaunted by the sight of the willowy being.

"Then let us get about it," Par'Tah said leading the way from the bridge.

200 Light years from Exochron [Bridge of the Ryo-Ohki]

Aeka lay, luxuriating in the circular bed. The multi-colored glow of hyperspace diffused through the canopy of Ryo-Ohki's hemispherical viewport. After the longest shower of her life, Aeka was content to rest a while before approaching Ryoko again. Although she put on a tough act, Aeka knew that the enthusiastic pilot must have also been tired after their ordeal. Therefore, while Aeka lazed about, Ryoko was at the control chair, saying she needed to do some course corrections. Aeka, nonetheless, didn't mind since a Ryo-Ohki crystal would pop in and make a funny face to amuse her. While Aeka smiled and clapped at each instance, her mind was worlds away.

Why, after being alone so long have I connected with this woman? What does this all mean?

Aeka remembered her other two experiences with sex, neither of which had been so tender. She recalled a lot of pushing and pulling more than a little pain, some kind words and then, a feeling of emptiness. Yet, those times had

seemed more dream than real. What made being with Ryoko so different? Could this be...?

"This is another fine mess you've gotten yourself into Ryoko," a stern voice said, breaking Aeka's train of thought.

"I don't see your point, Constable," came Ryoko's defiant reply. "And who said this was any of your business anyway?"

"All this started on my station, so I'm Making it my business," said the other woman whom Aeka recognized as the law officer from Graviton One. "You are in it so deep this time."

Aeka got up and wrapped herself in a handy bath towel and peered around the privacy screen Ryoko had erected in deference to her guest.

Upon a large view screen, a teal-hared woman, with a sour expression, sat in what looked like the remains of a crimson uniform. She appeared as if she was in the middle of undressing. In the background, Aeka could see a kind of apartment that would have been spartan except for the homey touches of stuffed animals in the corners and a blonde woman bustling back and forth.

Ryoko, meanwhile, relaxed in her cushioned command chair, wearing her red bathrobe.

"Oh really?" She asked boredly. "How deep am I?"

"Listen, I didn't have to call you Ryoko," Kiyone said sharply. "I'd just as soon have you out of my life, but your mother asked me-"

"Leave my mother out of this!"

"But she left you a message. She wants to see you."

"Then let her come to me."

"And where should I tell her to meet you?"

"On...," Ryoko broke off realizing the near slip. "You're good Kiyone. But you won't get me that easy."

"Ryoko! This isn't some kind of child's game," Kiyone punched a button bringing up a screen featuring Aeka and Ryoko's faces. "This is a bounty report with Her name on it."

"What do you want me to do about it?" Ryoko asked, nonchalant.

"Take her back home, of course! You're flying in dangerous territory here, Ryoko," the constable said in her most intimidating voice.

"Hey Kiyone!" Mihoshi called out. "Your bubble bath's ready!"

"Mihoshi! You know I don't take bubble baths," Kiyone said quickly, turning red.

"Heh...bubble bath," Ryoko muttered under her voice.

"What was that?" Kiyone growled.

"But Kiyone," Mihoshi protested. "I used your favorite, 'Pretty Sammy's Magical Bubble Surprise. And I brought 'Mr. Squeaky' too." Mihoshi held up a yellow rubber ducky.

"Just wait until after this transmission Mihoshi," Kiyone warned her partner, as her gruff outer image was shattered.

"Look, this has all been very entertaining, but if there's nothing else," Ryoko said.

"One more thing," Kiyone said regaining some of her composure. "If you just turned her in you could avoid all this, and make a tidy profit while you're at it."

"It's not about the money," Ryoko said to Kiyone's astonishment. "I made a promise to Aeka, and you, above all people, should know I don't break my promises."

"There's something else, isn't there?" Kiyone said, eyeing her curiously. "Something you aren't telling me."

At this, Aeka came into the open and stood next to Ryoko. Kiyone's eyes widened as Ryoko took the beautiful young lady's hand in her own and kissed it affectionately.

"Any more questions?" Ryoko asked.

"I guess not," Kiyone said, still shocked.

"Well, take care then," Ryoko said and broke the connection.

Aeka knelt down before her and laid her head in Ryoko's lap.

"I'm making trouble for you aren't I?"

"No more than I make for myself."

"I could leave and-'

Ryoko quieted her with a finger to her lips.

"I won't let you do that," Ryoko said. "I made a promise and I intend to keep it."

Aeka reached out and caressed her cheek.

"Is there some other reason for this?"

"Maybe," Ryoko answered quietly. "But for now; are you gonna take that towel off, or would you rather I worked around it?"

Smiling, Aeka stood up and let the towel slide from around her and crumple to the deck.



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