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You've probably noticed by now that my fan fic series, "Every Lesson Learned" contains a mix of contiualities. I'll try to explain how the story goes. It takes place in the First TV series universe with a couple of significant OAV elements.

1. Washu IS Ryoko's mother. She created Ryoko just before the Science Academy exiled her.

2. The link between their minds does indeed exist.

Everything else is pretty much the same, otherwise. Why did I choose to do this? Well, when Washu and Ryoko interact in the TV series, they butt heads so often that they MUST be related. They already act like mother and rebellious daughter.

Synopsis: This is a story I've been thinking about ever since I started Every Lesson Learned. The idea hails from the Time Space Adventures in the first TV series and various other media sources. Yep, you guessed it. Washu's Dimensional Cause and Effect Generator will be making an appearance. But this time, they *want* to get lost in other dimensions. This is an Experi-Mental fic, so any C&C will be greatly appreciated. E-mail arcaj@hotmail.com. Thanks to juliusmz for prereading and putting up with all this craziness.

Tenchi Muyo!


by Arca Jeth


Washu leaned back on her floating cushion, taking a much-needed rest. Repairing the damage done to her Dimension Tuner, had taken longer than she thought. However, the work wasn't what made her tired. The genius was using up much of her energy trying to penetrate the barrier her daughter had erected around her mind. Washu strained once again marveling at Ryoko's mental prowess.

"I had no idea you'd been flexing your muscles Little Ryoko," Washu said to herself. "But it's not polite to hide things from your mother."

Washu sighed and laid off for the night. Eventually she'd break through and just asking what the problem was would be to admit error.

It won't do to have my Little Ryoko think I'm not omniscient.

The child-like scientist stretched and waved her hand in a minute gesture. Suddenly she was wearing footie pajamas sporting a crab pattern. Heading off for her bedchamber, Washu called over her shoulder to her chibi mecha puppets.

"I'm going to bed now," she said. "You two mind the lab and no Tekken tournaments!"

"You can count on us Washu!" 'A' said saluting smartly.

"Just leave it to us Washu!" 'B' gave a thumbs-up.

Once their mistress was out of site, 'A' transformed her clothes into the red and gold outfit of Ling Xiaou and 'B' changed into Lei Wulong. A voice from the main computer called out, READY FIGHT! And the puppets launched themselves into action. ^_^

That Night [Aeka and Sasami's Room]

Aeka sighed thankfully as she sank into her bed. It had been a strange night indeed when Ryoko chose to forego her favorite contact activity in favor of some light cuddling. When asked about it Ryoko shrugged the question off and said she was tired. Aeka, to be truthful, wasn't too surprised; she had been giving the pirate quite a workout every night that week. It was getting harder to be discreet with their relationship, now that Mihoshi had gone home with Kiyone. Sasami, who had been spending her nights with Mihoshi had now moved back into the room she shared with Aeka. Now, Aeka and Ryoko had to limit their activities to the women's bath at night or some secluded location in the forest.

But that's not it at all; is it?

Aeka knew that there was more to her lover's fatigue than met the eye. For as long as they had known each other, Aeka could tell when Ryoko was lying. She always seemed just a tad more cheerful and friendly. Whatever it was, it wasn't good news, Aeka couldn't find out by just fretting in bed.

I'll just ask her tomorrow. Whatever it is, it can't be all that bad.

The following day, Thursday, when Aeka woke up and went about her morning ablutions in the bath, Ryoko was nowhere to be found. Concerned, the princess searched the house thoroughly, but to no avail. When she failed to show up at breakfast Aeka became worried, so she went outside to look. After a couple of minutes Aeka found Ryoko sitting atop the Torii gate just before the shrine's steps. Aeka tried to get her attention by waving, but the cyan-hared girl just sat with her head bowed and eyebrows furrowed, as if in deep concentration.

"Ryoko," Aeka called. There was no answer.

"Ryoko!" Aeka called louder this time.

Ryoko raised up and shook her head as if to clear it. Seeing Aeka she smiled and teleported to her side. Taking a moment to look around, she then threw her arms around the princess in a warm embrace.

"What are you doing way out here Princess?" Ryoko asked into her ear.

Though her tone was playful, Aeka could hear the weariness beneath.

"We missed you at breakfast this morning," Aeka said. "What happened to you?"

"It's nothing, I just had to do something that's all."

"It is a big deal Ryoko!" Aeka said suddenly angry. "You're hiding something from me. I thought we agreed not to do that. You've been so tired lately, and look; you're so pale."

"Maybe it's because I've been spending so much time indoors."

"No! No more jokes! Something is wrong with you and I want to know what that is."

Ryoko sighed and looked at the steps leading to the shrine.

"Remember what I said about Washu finding out about us?"

"Yes," Aeka answered. "You said that you'd never hear the end of...You don't mean that she's found out do you?"

"No, not yet. But she's been trying. And I've been fighting her."

Aeka's eyes widened with recognition.

"The link?"

"There's only one," Ryoko said quietly.

"It must have been terrible for you. Why didn't you say anything before?"

"I though I could handle it. Washu never really tested my mental powers much. I did a little practicing on the side. I'm holding my own for now, but," Ryoko's shoulders sagged. "I don't know how long I can hold out against her."

Aeka held her close, her mind churning over this new information. "There has to be a way to keep her from prying into your thoughts like this," Aeka mused. "Could she do this while she was imprisoned?"

"No, but the link was active even back then. All my life, it was like someone was looking over my shoulder. Sometimes it was a nuisance but other times, it was kind of comforting."

The beginnings of an idea began to form in Aeka's mind.

"You could feel her presence but couldn't hear her thoughts?" she asked.

"That's right," Ryoko said. "She said it was because the crystal was slightly out of phase with this...dimension." Ryoko paused, as Aeka's idea became apparent.

"Ryoko," Aeka began, in that voice that is sweet and mischievous at the same time. "What ever happened to that Dimension Tuner Washu built? Did she already rebuild it."

A smile crept across Ryoko's face.

"There's a funny thing about this whole mind probe thing," she said caressing Aeka's cheek. "When she's trying to probe me, Washu's brain is totally open. She just finished it last night." She kissed the princess lightly on the lips. "We'll just have to get her out of the lab for a while."

"I think I know just the thing," Aeka said thoughtfully.

"What's that?"

"Now, now, I can't tell you. That would spoil the surprise."

Washu sat at the table having a late breakfast. Though reheated fish was not her first choice for a meal, she needed all the energy she could get.

*Ryoko's stronger than I thought. I may just have to end the game and ask her what's going on.*

The scientist sighed, not knowing what to do. On one hand, she was proud of her daughter's mental prowess; but on the other she was genuinely worried for her. Something was wrong with her and it was bad enough that she felt the need to hide it from her own mother. Okay, so they weren't on the best of terms but Washu wasn't one to nit-pick.

Just then, Washu heard the front door open and close. A few seconds later, Ryoko walked in followed by none other than Aeka. While there was nothing strange about that, something about the whole setup nagged at the back of Washu's mind. Something she was supposed to remember. As Aeka went about cleaning the dishes and Ryoko rooted through the fridge for something to eat, Washu went down the list of known facts:

Washu suddenly smacked her head in realization. She quickly did a passive scan of her daughter's mind. It was so obvious. She had been so surprised at the block that she hadn't even looked at what thoughts she *could* see.

Everything was there as it should be. Ryoko's feelings for Tenchi being the loudest. Also her love of Sasami and her link with Ryo-Ohki. Her propensity for mischief and her tender side were also in evidence. But there was one large empty space in her emotions. It was the part of her mind where she kept her feelings for Princess Aeka. That part that was usually annoyed and just a bit jealous of the princess. It also held a kind of respect for her that Ryoko would go to her grave denying.

And there it was. The one missing variable. Everything in Ryoko's emotions pertaining to Aeka had been walled off.

*No wonder we're both so tired. She hasn't been keeping just a minor secret, she's closed off a major portion of her emotions!*

But what to do with this information. This would take serious thought. And the only place for that was-

"Little Washu," Aeka interrupted.

"Huh?" Washu had been so busy congratulating herself that she had forgotten that the princess was still in the kitchen.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I believe there is a television program tonight that might interest you."

"Interest me eh," Washu said carefully. "Do tell."

"It is a six hour documentary on the study of the human genome," Aeka said.

"The preview said it is a very exhaustive study."

"The entire history?" Washu mused. "It would be instructive to know just how much these humans know about their own genetic make up. Alright I'll be there.

What time does it start?"

"Five o'clock," Aeka said.

Washu nodded and headed out. "I'll be in the lab till then."

Aeka smiled as the scientist left the room. Ryoko came up behind her looking a little confused.

"I didn't think it would be that easy," she said. "Now what?"

"Now we need to find someone to help us program the machine," Aeka said while clearing the table.

"Why," Ryoko asked giving her a hand. "We did it ourselves before."

"And look what happened," Aeka answered. "I'd rather not repeat the experience of being lost in time and space."

"So who did you have in mind?"

"Why Kiyone, of course," the princess replied. "If she can operate the dimensional cannon, I'm sure the tuner will be no problem."

"We'll just have to make sure Mihoshi doesn't blow it or blab the whole thing to Washu."

Aeka shot her a dirty look. "Don't get so mad Princess, friend or not, Mihoshi is still Mihoshi."

"I suppose you're right," Aeka said resignedly. "We'll just have to make sure she's not in a position to say anything."

"Tying her up and stuffing her in a duffel bag seems a little harsh," Ryoko said. Aeka gave her a withering glare.

"I mean that we should let them make their own alternate dimension," she continued.

"Great idea," Ryoko said tousling her hair. "We'd better get cracking then."

That night [Washu's Sub-Space Lab]

Though empty of its mistress, the girls walked cautiously through the sub-space lab.

Aeka and Ryoko walked ahead followed by Kiyone and a very excited Mihoshi.

Kiyone kept a wary eye on the many dormant machines and inventions, half expecting them to jump out and attack, explode, or start doing the mambo. There wasn't much chance of that, however, since Kiyone had had a talk with

Mihoshi before arriving and made sure to hold her hand the whole time.

Although she had been there many times Aeka found the place just a bit creepier without Washu's continually amused presence. Suddenly Ryoko stiffened beside her.

"What is it?" Aeka asked her.

The cyan-hared girl simply pointed ahead into the darkness of the lab. Apparently, her enhanced night-vision was picking something up that the other girls couldn't see. Just then a short, spiky phantom made its way out of the gloom. Guessing whom this newcomer was the group stopped short and began backpedaling.

"Now Washu," Ryoko began. "We aren't looking for trouble or anything."

The dark form continued to approach.

"Quite right," Aeka added, being a kappa was NOT an experience she wanted to repeat. "We were just leaving. So if you don't mind we'll be on our way."

The small shadow continued, undaunted by their pleas.

"Miss-I mean-Little Washu," Kiyone pushed Mihoshi behind her. "We didn't mean to disturb you or anything."

The phantom moved into the light, revealing the form of the red-hared scientist, wearing her Science Academy uniform with her black visor hiding her eyes. Her lip was twisted in that familiar, sinister grin.

"Yeah, we didn't mean anything by breaking into your lab, or using your equipment without permission," Mihoshi said helpfully. "Oops."

Kiyone shot her a venomous glare.

"If I didn't love you..." she threatened. Mihoshi was too busy whimpering in fear to notice. The semi-mad scientist was upon them...and then was past them.

"Huh?" Ryoko asked. "Shouldn't we all be water sprites by now or something?"

As the redhead walked away and turned a corner, Aeka spied a cut-off switch on the back of her neck.

"It's only Mecha Washu," she said relieved.

"You mean that crazy robot that almost killed us all?" Kiyone asked. "I thought she'd dismantled that thing."

"Apparently not," Aeka said starting again for the Dimension Tuner with Ryoko. Shaking her head in resignation, Kiyone followed with Mihoshi in tow. ^_^

"All right," Kiyone said twenty minutes later. "I think I've got this thing programmed correctly. But I want to go on record as saying this isn't a good idea."

"Come on Kiyone," Mihoshi chided. "Take a chance. Life's more than just mere survival you know."

"I thought we'd talked about this taking chances business," Kiyone said.

"What's this all about?" Ryoko asked.

"Mihoshi's been on this danger kick ever since we...you know...on that balcony," Kiyone said tiredly. "She's been trying to find the most unusual places to make love. Unfortunately, they're usually in public."

"I thought you liked it when we did it in the phone both," Mihoshi said.

"And what about sneaking a feel at the restaurant, at the movie theater, on the train on the way here?!" Kiyone exclaimed emphatically. "People can tell what's going on."

"So that's why they kept pointing and whispering," Mihoshi said realizing the painfully obvious. Kiyone just hung her head and sighed.

"I feel your pain Kiyone," Aeka said from behind her. "Miss Ryoko insists on embarrassing me with her public displays. Did you know that she tried to feel me up under the table at breakfast yesterday?"

"I didn't hear you complaining Princess," Ryoko said running her hand along Aeka's thigh.

"Ryoko, please try to keep your mind on the task at hand," Aeka rebuked her while shivering involuntarily. "You should program your world now."

"Oh alright." Ryoko thought for a moment and began punching in parameters.

"What kind of world are you making Ryoko?" Mihoshi inquired.

"Uh-Uh," Ryoko chided. "That would be telling. "Hey Aeka, aren't you going to get a world too?"

Aeka looked away uncertain.

"Um, no. Let's just keep it simple for now."

Ryoko gave her a strange look, then shrugged and got back to work.

"Okay, I'm finished," she said finally. "Now how do you start this thing?"

"I think Washu must have moved the start button," Kiyone said searching the console. "I remember it being right in the center but it's gone now."

"I know where it is," Mihoshi stepped up to the board.

"Mihoshi," Kiyone began. "Do you recall the talk we had about touching things in the lab?"

"I remember. Things tend to blow up unexpectedly when I mess with them."

"So what does this teach us?"

"That I should be extra careful turning this on." With that Mihoshi reached out and pushed a big red button marked "Do Not Touch ESPECIALLY MIHOSHI!"

[Unbeknownst to anyone else, her hand brushed a couple of ordinary-looking

buttons changing one or two insignificant parameters on the tuner.]

"Why do I even try?" Kiyone asked no one in particular.

"Because you're in love silly," Aeka answered.

As the lights in the lab began to flicker at a frantic rate, the Dimension Tuner's articulated eye began gyrating in its restraints. The pulses of light changed in color from, red to green, to blue to purple and finally to a blinding white. The girls clung to each other in fear as the universe came apart around them. Then darkness. ^_^

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!" Washu laughed rolling on the floor in front of the TV. "Theory of genetic memory! How many genes have they identified? Oh! This is so rich!"

The study on the history of the human genome was only in it's first hour and the miniature scientist was already near tears laughing at the ignorance of earth genetic theory. Nobuyuki, Tenchi, and Katsuhito sat along with Sasami cringing at every guffaw the semi-mad scientist uttered. While Washu dabbed the tears from her eyes with a handkerchief Tenchi leaned forward as if to speak to her.

"Tenchi don't," Sasami said grabbing his arm. "When she's like this it's better just to smile and nod."

Wahsu reseated herself and settled down for some entertainment. The back of her mind, however churned over and over, as she contemplated her latest brilliant plan.

The other girls aren't back yet. I guess this means my little trap worked. I wonder if they even remembered that my Mecha Washu has a full surveillance system for the lab.

These thoughts made her laugh even harder as she planned how to use all the incoming data.


That's it for this chapter. Nope no lemon content here. What's that? 'Is there a point to all this?' Of course there is, but you'll have to wait until the next chapter.

There is a method to my madness. Remember this is a companion fic to the "Every Lesson Learned" series. It takes place between Episodes 2 and 3.

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